Gin School Experience

Make Your Own Gin with Our Master Distiller!

Delight in the ultimate celebration of gin with our immersive Gin School Experience at Bishton Hall in Staffordshire. Your journey commences with the finest G&T, setting the stage for a day steeped in gin lore and craft.

Savor a trip through gin’s storied past, exploring its evolution into a British icon, with tastings that bring history to life. This is history with a twist!

Then, within the distillery you will be guided by our master distiller, you’ll harness the magic of dry botanicals, and create a gin that’s uniquely yours.

While your creation takes shape, indulge in a splendid lunch or supper, accompanied, of course, by a gin and tonic. Here, stories and laughter flow as freely as the gin.

The excitement peaks as you witness your gin’s birth, learning the finer points of distillation. And the grand finale? Personalizing your bottle and savoring its unique character with your choice of garnishes and mixers.

Our journey doesn’t end here, the bar remains open for your enjoyment!


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