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Mercia Distillery Awards

Welcome to our trophy cabinet!

Here at Mercia Distillery, we’re not just making gin, we’re making award-winners. Check out our shiny lineup from The Gin Masters to the International Spirits Challenge.
Spoiler alert: we’re kind of a big deal in the gin world. Explore our victorious spirits and see what all the fuss is about!

Master Award

The Spirits Business – Global Gin Masters 2023

Our Mercia New World Gin has garnered the prestigious Master Award at The Gin Masters 2023, affirming its outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Expertly distilled to capture the essence of innovation and tradition, this gin exemplifies the skill and passion that defines Mercia Distillery. Celebrate with us and experience a gin that’s truly exceptional.

Gold Award

The Spirits Business – Global Gin Masters 2023

Our Mercia New World Gin has truly made a splash by winning a Master Award at The Gin Masters 2023. This recognition underscores our commitment to crafting a gin that stands out for its exceptional quality and flavor profile. A testament to our artisanal approach and dedication, this gin is a celebration of the unique character and passion that Mercia Distillery brings to the world of spirits.

Silver Award

International Spirits Challenge – 2023

Our Mercia Gin has proudly secured a Silver Award at the prestigious International Spirits Challenge (ISC), a testament to our dedication to excellence in the spirits industry. The ISC, renowned for its rigorous and impartial judging process, attracts entries from over 70 countries, making it a benchmark for quality on the global stage.

This Silver Award highlights our gin’s superior quality and craftsmanship, distinguishing it among the finest spirits worldwide. Celebrate this remarkable achievement with us as we continue to set the standard for exceptional gin.