Our Gins

Explore the essence of Mercia Spirits with our curated Gin collection: the traditional, juniper-rich Purple Label, crowned with silver by the International Spirits Challenge; the vibrant, citrus-infused Yellow Label with its New World flair; and our signature Contemporary Blue Label, a fennel-forward revelation that’s converting gin sceptics with its lasting depth and elegance. Each one crafted to be savoured in its own right and to elevate your gin experience to new heights.

Trad Style Gin from Mercia Distillery

Trad style, Purple label 45% abv, this is our traditional Juniper led Gin, made fresh with Lemon peel, fresh ginger and a sweet after taste from meadow sweet and Liquorice.

New World Gin from Mercia Distillery

New World, Yellow Label 45% ABV, An American twist and Citrus led, fresh citrus taste leads to a soft after taste provided by Gunpowder Black tea and cardamon.

Signature Contemporary Gin from Mercia Distillery

Contemporary (our signature Gin), Blue label, a beautifully balanced fennel rich Gin with the added punch of a small amount of star anise, balance with rosehip, seeds of paradise and white Organic Mulberry to give a deep after taste that lasts.