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Staffordshire small batch Gin

Award Winning Contemporary, New World and Trad Style Gin

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Crafted for the Courageous

We’re bold, we’re brazen, can you handle the warrior spirit?

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The Lonely Road Gin

These Wicked Rivers Love Their Gin

The Lonely Road Gin is the perfect balance of citrus and woody notes

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Welcome Warrior, to Mercia Distillery

As whisky matures and develops its complex and satisfying flavours, some of the liquid disappears, seemingly mysteriously, but in reality, through evaporation. Distillers romantically call the missing whisky ‘the angels’ share’.

Jeremy ‘Jez’ Roney and Paul ‘Oz’ Horrocks are intrigued by more tangible angels’ shares. With a passion for bourbon and American rye whiskey, they set forth on a mission to create their own English version, while presenting a unique investment opportunity.